So, you want to manage a band...

Managing a band is not all fun and games. It is a tough job that not only requires a lot of hard work, but also a thorough knowledge of how the music industry works. Band managers also have to know about accounting, marketing, and entertainment law, in addition to having excellent general business management skills.

Unlike a typical manager, a band manager actually works for those they manage. While managers usually have the authority to fire anyone they manage, in the music business, these roles are completely reversed. This means a band manager can't simply bark out commands and expect everyone to comply. Instead, they must convince the members of the band that their decisions are in everyone's best interest.

One of the most effective ways for a band manager to achieve positive results is to include the entire band in the decision making process as much as possible. Most bands want their managers to do all the paper pushing and phone calling, but they typically want to determine their own direction and maintain complete creative control.

Many experienced band managers have a reputation that gives them considerable "authority" over any band they manage. However, those just starting out will need to listen carefully to the band's suggestions and make certain that all of them are addressed when making a decision.

Managing a band is an exciting and rewarding profession, but it isn't for everyone. Band managers must learn to make their instructions sound like suggestions, and they must also have the necessary debating skills to convince the band to accept whatever suggestions they make. Most importantly, a band manager must remember who they work for, and realize that their success is dependent on the success of the band.

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